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Hotel Unions Square's DUGOUT SUITE is featured in this months 805 Living Magazine

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100 Year Celebration at Hotel Union Square

Hotel Union Square 100 Year Party








Last week's blog post we shared the exciting news that Hotel Union Square was celebrating its 100 year anniversary along with some fun historical facts! A lot has happened in 10 decades, so, as you can imagine, there was a lot to celebrate!

And that's exactly what we did last Wednesday night! We threw a fabulous party and celebrated with our amazing clients in the newly re-designed Hotel Union Square Penthouse Suite. It was truly a night to remember!

Hotel Union Square 100 Year Anniversary

HUGE thanks to the talented culinary students from the Art Institute of California for the delicious spread of hor d'oeuvres, Le Grand Courtage for the celebratory bubbly, John's Grill for the timeless martini bar, Teldeschi Winery for their tasting table, DJs Michael & Michael for spinning old-school vinyl hits, Jonathan Rachman for the beautiful finishing touches, and to Cody James Photography for capturing the evening!

Hotel Union Square 100 Year AnniversaryThese adorable mini cupcakes were handmade by our very own Group Sales Director, Janelle Granfors. Thanks for sharing one of your many hidden talents!

And a very special thank you to all who joined the celebration! Until next time...


Hotel Union Square Turns 100!


Hotel Union Square Exterior

A whole century has gone by since Hotel Union Square opened its doors for the first time. The then “Golden West Hotel” was constructed in 1913 in anticipation of the visitors attending the 1915 World’s Fair. Officially called the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, the fair celebrated the successful 1914 completion of the Panama Canal. This was also San Francisco’s opportunity to prove that the city had fully recovered from the devastating 1906 earthquake and was prepared to handle the rapid growth of tourism.

Your history lesson doesn't stop there. The hotel was also a temporary home of author Dashiell Hammett. Historians suggest that he likely wrote “The Maltese Falcon” and the “Thin Man” series while he was a resident of the hotel. He loved the hotel so much that he booked his bride-to-be, Josephine Dolan, in a suite the night before their 1921 wedding. Mr. Hammett might have also favored this location because during the Prohibition Era, a 10,000 square foot speakeasy called The Golden Bubble was located in the basement of the hotel!

A couple name changes and ten decades later, Hotel Union Square still retains much of its early charm, including original Egyptian-motif mosaic murals, grand staircases and ornate moldings. And a Dashiell Hammett suite

Hotel Union Square ExteriorHotel Union Square, 2014

And of course, a milestone this exciting and historic deserves a huge celebration, and that's actually what we did this past Wednesday. Stay tuned for photos from our 100 year anniversary party!

Steinhart Hotel: Style Refresh


If you've stayed at the Steinhart Hotel then you know how charming and timeless it is. And if you've stayed at our long-term property recently, then you might have noticed some beautiful new changes. 15 one bedroom apartments were recently refreshed in a sophisticated Parsian style by Jonathan Rachman Design and they look absolutely gorgeous, don't you think?

"I brought in designer Jonathan Rachman to transform the space because he's simply the best visual storyteller I know. His first career was in the hospitality industry in Switzerland, so he understands what is necessary to make a winning first impression on guests--and what it takes to give them an experience as unforgettable as the decor. Jonathan also appreciates the history of buildings and designed our spaces with complete respect to the building's stunning architecture. When I saw the renderings for the first time, I thought he'd had a peek inside my head and stolen my best ideas before I could articulate them: rich and elegant without being the least bit fussy." -- Yvonne Detert, Personality Hotels CEO & Founder



We caught up with Jonathan Rachman to get the inside scoop on his vision and the inspiration behind his design. Here's what he had to say:

PH: What was the inspiration behind the renovation?

JR: Our inspiration was 'old world' European - classic, yet current. Respecting the history of the Steinhart was crucial because there are so many rich elements of the property that I hope to showcase - from the elevator and the old school front desk, to the tile in the lobby and the coffered ceiling and wall paper in the hallway. San Francisco is an intimate global city and the Steinhart carries the old charm of San Francisco so well.

PH: Where did you pull inspiration from? 

JR: I lived and studied in Europe and have traveled extensively, but Hotel Costes in Paris truly inspired my design for the Steinhart - to continue its rich history AND texture in the current time in San Francisco. I love the rich colors and textures without being pretentious and impractical.

PH: What is your favorite thing about the Steinhart?

JR: Hands down - the history, but as far as interiors - the architectural elements like the elevator and the tiles in the lobby! 

PH: What is the most important thing you consider when designing a home away from home?

JR: The feeling of TRULY being at home, which means being cozy, not stuffy. It's all in the details  - to make the space warm, chic and personalized - not feeling commercial and generic. We put a touch of whimsies in the accessories and art elements at the Steinhart.


Use Your Smartphone as a Room Key


Personality Hotels is excited to be the first on the West Coast to offer guests of Hotel Diva and Hotel Union Square the opportunity to use their smartphone to open their hotel room door. CNET TV recently interviewed our CEO Yvonne Detert about our new technology and before we knew it, our feature was live on CBS News! Check out our video clip below!

[Excerpt from CBS News]

 If you've ever lost your hotel key card or had it accidentally demagnetized, some hotels may have a high-tech solution. At the Personality Hotels chain, in the San Francisco area, guests can now use their smartphones to unlock their hotel room doors. 

When guests check into the hotel, they can download the free Personality Hotels app onto their smartphone. Once the front desk assigns a room, it alerts the app. When they reach the door to their room, all guests have to do is press the key icon to emit a sound that activates the door sensor and unlocks the door.

"I think our guests are embracing that because they're right here where all the high technology and new technology is happening," Yvonne Detert, the president and CEO of Personality Hotels.

Would would Hotel Diva Say?


We often wonder what Hotel Diva would say if those walls could talk. Well, now the writing is on the wall, literally. So what would Hotel Diva say? First of all, she prefers to write in cursive, unlike most of this world these days. Secondly, her vocabulary is slightly limited. Only because she prefers words that describe who she is. Typical Diva, right?

Hotel Diva loves design so she made sure to take a sophisticated approach while creating her handwritten masterpiece. A beautiful texturized grey wall covering filled with words like hot, sexy, confident, seductive, classy, add a dramatic look and feel to the 2nd floor hallway. 

describe the image

Okay, so maybe Hotel Diva didn't think of these words all by herself. Some very close sources in our corporate office disclosed her favorite words. They know her best, after all. And maybe Hotel Diva had some help designing this fabulous wall covering. Thanks to the talents of Liora Manne, Hotel Diva has found another way to express her style. A true Diva makes her presence known and this eye-catching statement is not to be missed!

describe the image

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Cheap Date or VaVa Voom?


Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and whether you're planning a staycation or a weekend getaway, Personality Hotels has what you need to celebrate the one you love. Both back by popular demand, is our Cheap Date and VaVa Voom packages!

**Sidenote for the fellas... trust us when we say this is the easiest way to surprise your sweetie and get a big thank you in return.

VaVaVoomVdayPackage resized 600

 All the romantic classics needed for a Valentine's night to remember:

• Intimacy Kit to unleash the lover in us all

• Bottle of Le Grand Courtâge Sparkling Wine

• Heart shaped box full of Ghirardelli Chocolates

• Late Check out of 2:00 PM (who wants to leave early?)

• 2 blank Valentine's Day cards (to leave sweet messages for each other)



Cheap Date Package

Everything a hipster couple (with a good sense of humor) could need for a good time, on a dime! 

• Bottle of Andre Champagne (a slightly sweet and people-pleasing bubbly)

• Bear-shaped bottle of honey (let your imagination run wild) 

• Box of conversation hearts 

• Jack-in-the-Box coupons (for that romantic dinner)

• A little romance kit (includes all the necessities like toilettes, condoms and more...)

• 2 blank Valentine's Day cards (so you don't have to run to Walgreens last minute) 



*The VaVa Voom package and the Cheap Date package are available at Hotel DivaKensington Park and Hotel Union Square from February 1st, 2014 to March 1st, 2014.

San Francisco Packing Tips


Packing anxiety is a thing, it's a real problem, right? You're so excited for your trip to SF and want to look absolutely fabulous the entire time - then, suddenly you feel completely overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Well don't worry, we're here to coach you through this...

Let's get one thing clear first. San Francisco weather is highly unpredictable, no matter what season it is. Even the different districts and neighborhoods have their own microclimates. In just 7 miles, from one end of the city to the other, San Francisco can surprise you with thick fog, patches of sun, wind tunnels, and possible areas of rain. 

So, for winter, we have a few tips to ease your packing anxiety. (Chances are these tips will be appropriate no matter when you visit, thanks to SF's ever-changing conditions).

  •  Layers are key - both lightweight and heavier layers: t-shirts, warm sweaters, leggings, scarves, hoodies, maybe even gloves. The point is to bring anything that is easy to remove if the sun peeks out and it suddenly becomes warm, but easy to carry and put back on when the clouds roll in.

  • A warm coat, especially for walking around the city.

  • Comfy closed toed shoes. (No flip flops - save those for September/October)

We are a fairly casual city. Remember to choose comfort first, then add layers. For example...

Some winter looks we love (for more inspiration check out our Fashion // Style board on Pinterest):

San Francisco Fashion

Pin With Us

San Francisco Holiday Cocktails For Every Personality


Feeling merry, spending money, eating food, drinking cocktails: kind of expected during the holidays... but drinking really good cocktails, adds another level of festivity. Here's your guide to the best places to get a good, well crafted cocktail. Sorry vodka red bull lovers, this guide might not be for you.


1. Tradition

Private confessionals? Check. Church Pews? Check. Craft cocktails? Check. Welcome to Tradition, where the atmosphere is regal and the cocktails are traditional with a twist.

Our fav is the Sazerac. Many places say they can make this, and most can't. Cognac, Rye Whisky, sugar, Angostora & Peychard bitters with a touch of absinthe. 

2. Gitane

If it's hidden in an alley then it must be special. This unknown little gem is a mix of sexy playfulness and modern swagger.

Must try cocktail:  Curandero - La Vida Mezcal, Blood Orange, dash of absinthe

3. Rye

Think of Rye's version of the Hot Toddy (the Hot Ta-dah) as Christmas in a châteaux, by a warm fireplace overlooking the Swiss Alps. It's that magical.

Must Try cocktail: The Hot Ta-dah - obviously.
Wild turkey Rye, Averna, ginger syrup, Angostora bitters nutmeg, lemon and a sprig of rosemary.


4. 15 Romolo

Just a short walk from Union Square and located up an alley (we like these types of places) is where you can the one and only Santa Suckerpunch.

Old grand-dad bonded bourbon, aperol, pedro ximenez sherry, lemon, bitters.

Psst... they also have a burger with Peanut Butter - It's Ahh-mazing!

5. Jaspers

Negronis on tap? Yes please. 
Located in the Tenderloin, Jaspers has Negronis on tap and really what more do you need to know?


Chic Weekend in the Suite Atelier


A few weeks ago we were delighted to have designer and DIY blogger, Aimee Santos, stay at Hotel Diva for a weekend in the Suite Atelier. She reunited with college friends, shopped at H&M in Union Square, and took gorgeous photos of her suite - which we couldn't resist sharing.

We loved having you, Aimee. And we must say... no one has ever looked better in the bubble chair! 

Chic Weekend in the Suite Atelier

Swellmayde at Hotel Diva

The Suite Atelier at Hotel Diva

Swellmayde at Hotel Diva

Chic Weekend in the Suite Atelier

Chic Weekend in the Suite Atelier

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