Personality Hotels Hearts The Giants!

Posted by Nathalie Toribio on Fri, Apr 18, 2014 @ 11:16 AM

Let's play ball! Grab some cracker jacks, a Ghirardelli Sundae, an order of garlic fries, and a Cha Cha Bowl because the 2014 MLB season has officially started and with a big bang! With a splash walk-off homerun, grand slam by a pitcher, spectacular fireworks show, almost inside-the-park-HR by the White Shark, you would think I was talking about a whole season of highlights, however these are just the highlights of opening week!

Photo Apr 18, 1 28 24 PM.jpg

The boys in orange and black have shown great enthusiasm and one can only imagine what the rest of the season will be like! If you are not a season ticket holder, but want to go to a few games with some fun giveaways, here are a couple of my favorite ones: 
Sat, Apr 26 1954 Replica World Series Ring 
Sat, Jun 7 Sergio Romo Super Hero Socks 
Sun, Jun 8 Hello Kitty ® Giants Plush 
Sun, Jun 15 Giants Father's Day Necktie 
Sat, Jun 28 Brandon Belt or Brandon Crawford Bobblehead 
Sun, Jul 13 Angel Pagan Bobblehead 
Sat, Aug 16 Virgin America 2-for-1 Flight Voucher 
Sun, Aug 31 Star Wars Day - R2D2 Beanie 

But most importantly, going to the baseball game is not just watching men in uniform hit a ball, it’s more of an experience, which I feel can even be compared to a day in Disneyland. Once a year, The Giants put together an awesome experienced-filled day, where you can purchase tickets for the game, and separately pay $800 to have a family of 4 sleep on the field. All of us Giants’ fans would love to camp out in on the field of dreams, but not all of us have a grand to spend. So, if you want to save some money but still have an amazingly memorable baseball experience from sun up to sun down, boy do I have the best secret in the world to share… are you ready?

So, you have a special birthday coming up, a girls night out? Or maybe you want to give Dad the best Father’s Day gift ever, and you don’t have $800 extra to spend to have a sleepover on the field, well no need to fear, Personality is here! Did you know that there is a hotel, that is about a 20 minute flat walk away from the ballpark, and only steps away from the Powell Bart Station, that has a room designated for a baseball fan? Yep, it’s true, Personality Hotels has designed a Dugout Suite at Hotel Union Square with orange walls, Giants memorabilia and was god fathered by the MVP and Cy Young winner - Mr. Vida Blue himself! So why not purchase the tickets, bring over the pup, and the parents, and go to the game while staying in this amazing king sized bed junior suite that is dog friendly? Oh, and if that’s not enough, get ready to throw on some Art of Shaving product before heading out to cheer on the Giants.

Dugout Suite Hotel Union Square  

Dream come true, you know it, because we do nothing but dream for you!



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Let's Play Ball: The San Francisco Giants' opening game is today!

Posted by Nathalie Toribio on Mon, Apr 01, 2013 @ 11:02 AM

They are back white resized 600Foggy, windy, rainy, and cold- neverless a beautiful day in San Francisco! Why you might ask- well it is OPENING day for our World Series defending Champs, the San Francisco Giants! 

This is no April fools prank, the long awaited date for all Giants’ fans has finally arrived. Yes, San Francisco was a little spoiled this off season, being that we were able to host the World Baseball Classic Finals, and cheer on a couple of our players, like Pagan, Torres, Panda, Affeldt, Vogelsong, Romo, Scuataro, LaTorre, Mijares, Casilla and coach Meulens, but still these past months, we have all been eager to see our boys back on the field. Everyone is eager to cheer on perfect games, like the one from Matt Cain, awesome catches from Gregor Blanco, the cheering and mentoring of Hunter Pence, the photobombs of Sergio Romo, those lifetime scenes like the one left forever in our hearts from Marco Scutaro, and the talent and good looks of George Kontos, what can I say, our boys are full of Giant Personalities! 

With the extension of general manager Brian Sabean and manager Bruce Bochy, as well as the return of our lovable Andres Torres, and the good news that we will have nine seasons full of Posey, the Giants have made all fans enthusiastic to begin their 2013 journey with the boys. 

So why not get the party started?

The Giants will face off the LA Dodgers today at Dodger Stadium at 1:10pm, but no need to worry if you can't fly out to LA within the next ten minutes.  If you're in San Francisco today, the Giants will be showing the game, on the big HD scoreboard at AT&T Park, free of charge, and hurry, for the first 5,000 fans will receive a free hot dog, and foam fists! However if it's to late to call in sick, you definitely have some time to ask your boss for an early dismissal for the opening game in San Francisco, this Friday, April 5th, when the Giants take on the Cardinals. Now, with dynamic pricing, it might be a bit difficult to catch some games without leaving your wallet empty, so here are some fun promotion games you might want to save up for:

  • April 6th, for a Buster Posey NL MVP Bobblehead, 

  • April 7th, for a Giants World Series Ring Ceremony Replica 

  • May 5th for a Sergio Romo Gnome 

  • May 26th for a Barry Zito Bobblehead

  • June 22nd for a Ryan Vogelsong Bobblehead 

  • August 10th for Virgin America 2 for 1 Flight Vouchers

  • August 25th for Tim Lincecum Gnome and Dog days of Summer. 

Or, you can always watch a game from the Burger Bar at Macys on Union Square, or Jillian's in the Metreon.

And if you want to keep the spirit going all night long, spend the night in our Dugout Suite in Hotel Union Square. You will be sure to have Giant dreams.

Dugout Suite

Whichever your choice may be, make sure you sport your orange and black on game days.

Lets play ball! 

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How to Get World Series Ready

Posted by Nicole Redding on Wed, Oct 24, 2012 @ 03:22 PM

So what happens after you win Game 7, the rain stops and reality sets in?

First you celebrate. Then you get World Series ready. Lucky for the SF Giants, this is merely a GIANT case of deja vu. Remember 2010? 

This blog will give you the ins and outs on: How to get World Series Ready.

 World Series 2012

1. Get Tickets to the World Series in San Francisco.

This task is easier said than done. San Francisco Giants fans are willing to go to GIANT lengths to get their hands on World Series tickets. According to the Mercury News, "They're willing to go on hunger strikes, drive across the state or even paint your house to get into AT&T Park." Great idea! You could dye your beard like that guy. We aren't a 100% sure this would increase your chances but look how happy he looks!

*Didn’t get tickets to the World Series? Then skip to Steps 4 & 5 and then repeat!

2. Find a Place to Stay in San Francisco.

We suggest staying at Hotel Union Square in the Dugout Suite. Our spacious corner suite features "Fear the Beard" window shades, a king size bed set up that you are sure to strike it rich in and a basket full of baseball treats with cracker jacks, peanuts, bubble gum & more.

This Suite is all things Orange & Black and is perfect for pre-game fun or to relax and keep the spirit going all night long! Plus transportation from Union Square to AT&T Park is a breeze with a special Metro Ballpark Service which operates on game days only, starting about 2 hours before games, at Embarcadero Station and continuing to the ballpark. These trains have their destination listed as "Mission Bay" or "Caltrain". Any train to Mission Bay, Caltrain or Sunnydale will take you to the ballpark.

3. Get Geared Up

Tickets. Check! Warm bed. Check! But what to wear? 

You aren't World Series ready unless you are dressed to win. Forgot your SF Giants gear at home? Don't worry, Personality Hotels got your back, literally! Get a "Giant Personality" T-shirt from the front desk for $25.

Or if post-season gear is more your thing, check out the Dugout Store. To avoid crowds, we suggest going to the Giants Dugout store at Union Square on 337 Geary Street (next to Lefty O'Doul's).  

4. To Pre-Game or Not to Pre-Game?

Pre-gaming can be defined as consuming alcohol in smaller amounts before a bigger drinking event with the intention of easing yourself into a night to remember or to forget depending on your drink of choice. This is where we strongly recommend that you refer to step 2 in this "How to Get World Series Ready" blog. Now you're game ready! 

 5. To the After Party and Beyond!

After the game, you'll want to keep the party going and everybody knows that SF Giants fans know how to party! But just in case you are a little rusty or you're new to the city, we have you covered. Want to feel like the MVP of your friends, then choose Tres Agaves, though we must warn you that they have every tequila option known to man and side effects may include table dancing, and an all night long desire to sing, "Don't Stop Believing" karaoke style!

                                                               Now that's How to Get World Series Ready!

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The Perfect Pitch

Posted by Nicole Redding on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 @ 12:30 PM

Last Wednesday night's San Francisco Giants baseball game was perfect!

Perfect pitch + Perfect game = A perfect start to your weekend.

Dugout Suite

So how do you top last Wednesday night? You can start by spending the weekend celebrating in our very own Dugout Suite at the Hotel Union Square. Never before has any hotel company hit a home run with their home team, The Giants, than Hotel Union Square up at the mound, pitching its very own Dugout Suite!

Like San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain, we like being first. Did you know Matt Cain is the first San Francisco Giants pitcher since the franchise was established in 1883 to pitch a perfect game? This makes Matt Cain the 22nd pitcher in baseball history to pitch a perfect game. We think this deserves a celebration!

Fear the Beard

Now time for our Perfect Pitch:

Our spacious corner suite features "Fear the Beard" window shades, a king size bed set up that you are sure to strike it rich in and a basket full of baseball treats with cracker jacks, peanuts, bubble gum & more.

This Suite will have you "root, root, rooting for the home team!" Our Dugout Suite can be the perfect pitch to any Giants fans looking for an excuse to extend that perfect game celebration all weekend long!

Guests of the Dugout Suite will be treated to four complimentary tickets to a tour of award-winning Anchor Brewing Company, a San Francisco original since 1896 as well as a few extra goodies. 

Again congratulations to Matt Cain the 1st Giants pitcher to pitch a perfect game in Giants history since 1883!

We clink our frothy Anchor Stream beers in honor of you. Cheers Matt Cain!

*Please note that the word perfect was perfectly used a total of 11 times in this blog.

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