Where The Locals Eat in San Francisco's Union Square

Posted by Nicole Redding on Fri, Sep 07, 2012 @ 09:06 AM

San Francisco's Union Square is no doubt the best place to enjoy an afternoon of shopping and people watching. But where do San Francisco locals go for a bite to eat in Union Square? Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in San Francisco, brought to you by our very own employees. Enjoy!

Nathalie Toribio Local Sales Manager

Nathalie Toribio
Local Sales Manager
Where Nathalie goes for lunch: Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery located on 599 Post Street just 2 blocks from the Hotel Diva and the Kensington Park Hotel.

What Nathalie orders: Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict at Honey Honey

She loves to order the eggs benedict. Never had the eggs benedict before ever? Nathalie swears by it. Eggs benedict is traditionally a breakfast dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin, topped with your choice of ham or bacon, topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce

Why Nathalie chooses Honey Honey:

They're prices are affordable and the service is always friendly. But most of all they serve breafast all day long! According to Nathalie, Honey Honey is where the locals eat in San Francisco's Union Square.Danika Garlotta Marketing Manager and Karloff 

Danika Garlotta
Marketing Manager
Where Danika goes for lunch: Ryoko's Japanese & Bar  located on 619 Taylor St
(between Cosmo Pl & Post St) just 4 blocks from the Hotel Diva and the Kensington Park Hotel.

What Danika orders:  She loves to order the Volcano sushi roll, you know the one with the peanut butter and jalapenos. She promises it's good…We're taking her word for it.


Volcano roll

Why Danika chooses Ryoko:

Because where else can you get a large pitcher of Asahi or Saphoro for $6! You can even order the pitchers while you wait :) According to Danika, Ryoko is where the locals eat in San Francisco's Union Square.
Tyler Crosser Accounting
Tyler Crosser
Accounts Recievable Specialist

Where Tyler goes to lunch: Sugar Cafe is located on 679 Sutter St (at Taylor St) 3 blocks from the Hotel Diva and theKensington Park Hotel. 

What Tyler orders: The Grilled Cheese. Two slices of white bread followed by melted American cheese in the middle. Heaven on a plate. And on cheat days, he orders the chips and not the salad.

Gilled Cheese from Sugar Cafe

Why Tyler chooses Sugar Cafe:

Because like Cheers,everybody knows your name at Sugar Cafe.

According to Tyler, Sugar Cafe is where the locals eat in San Francisco's Union Square.

So now you know where the locals eat in San Francisco's Union Square!   .

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