Top 5 Tuesday with Yvonne Lembi-Detert

Posted by Megan Brandt on Tue, Sep 10, 2013 @ 08:03 AM


Have you ever had a boss who lacked style and class? Probably at some point or another, we could all answer yes. But a true leader should have it all, don't you think? Well, enter Yvonne Lembi-Detert. She fearlessly leads our team and looks totally chic while doing it. Her closet must look like something out of Sex and the City. Well maybe a little less fur because this is California, afterall. 

Curious to know more about what we'd find in her closet, we asked Yvonne about her top 5 places to shop in San Francisco. And since every shopping trip should be followed with a reward, we also asked about her top places to dine. Here's what our CEO had to say...


  1. Kurt Geiger for fun shoes
  2. Vince for urban everyday wear
  3. All Saints for funky and edgy eye apparel 
  4. Barney’s for unique designer must-haves
  5. Neiman Marcus for hangbags and classic pieces


  1. Gitane for fabulous cocktails and mashed peas
  2. Le Colonial for its ambiance and many floor levels of entertainment while dining
  3. 54 Mint especially when its truffle season
  4. Colibri for the very best guacamole and ceviche
  5. Bouche for its tiny kitchen creating incredible culinary bites

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SF Fashion: Fall Edition

Posted by Emily Detert on Mon, Nov 05, 2012 @ 04:32 PM

Packing for San Francisco should be unpacked into effortless STYLE. Because here, in SF, things just happen. Style drifts through the streets with ease and the day swirls through your mind with a chill in the sir, and a sun that warms the skin. Here are some ideas of what you can pack for San Francisco. SF Fashion: For her, and for him. The “For Her” items came from my closet, and can be mimicked easily, as they are staple items that can go from day to night.

Included are also some simple accessories that I can’t live without & I am sure you will crave! For the men, I came up with a casual vibe that is effortless and can be transformed into night. Remember that these are ideas that can be mixed and matched, so channel YOUR STYLE, BE ORIGINAL, & MAKE IT YOUR OWN— SF Fashion.

 SF Fashion for HER

SF Fashion: FOR HER


  1. Cheetah Shirt by ZARA. An amazing staple for nightlife & daytime adventures!
  2. Basic charcoal grey V-Neck by All Saints. Less is more, so enjoy accessorizing this super-soft staple.
  3. Leather is SO IN this season. I can never get enough. Add an edgy feel with some gold studs.
  4. Always pack black lace! It speaks: classy, sexy, elegant, chic—in and out of the bedroom.
  5. GOLDEN CHARMS: Gold-rimmed aviators, and super thin & airy gold hoops.
  6. Paradise leggings by All Saints: recommended in tan if olive skinned (like me), or in Navy if fair skinned. You’ll be complimented on every corner you turn.
  7. Buffalo leather bag by ZARA, & a few of my favorite goodies, to keep you going throughout the day:

-          Remember to bring a spacious shopping bag, as SF stores now charge 10 cents on bags, so save the do-re-mi and use your own!!

-          The Green Superfood bar is an excellent on-the-go power snack. An all-natural power food with benefits for hair, skin, and body!

-          Bach Flower Remedies are drops that come in all different natural essences with different functions. I recommend drops of “Heather“ for relief of nervous tension.

-          Your Starbucks Card, as there is one or more on every block here, no joke! Sip on a fall favorite drink to keep you energized and cozy when the fog rolls in!

8. Zipper Clutch by ZARA. Bring a nighttime clutch to explore the evening with free hands!

9.Black Snakeskin cowboy boots are perfect for day and night! Also the Prime choice for pumpkin-picking if you decide to take a ride over the bridge to the Sonoma or Napa countryside.

 SF Fashion for Him

SF Fashion: FOR HIM

  1. Crisp White V-Neck by John Varvatos, an amazing shop to stop in if you’re on Union Square, that channels California Rock n’ Roll and Americana.
  2. Stone-washed Oxford shirt by J. Crew (J. Crizzle as I call it) – roll the sleeves up and hit the town!
  3.  Black-rimmed aviators – ideal if you’re a couple: HE wears the black, SHE wears the gold!
  4. Star USA jeans by John Varvatos … A dark and slightly distressed denim
  5. Barbour Terrence Jacket, The Steve McQueen Collection—black with a waxy coating, makes it city slick, is equipped with a vertical wallet pocket,  and an angled map pocket, great for traveling!
  6. Stars & stripes scarf by John Varvatos, in charcoal, a subtle salute to the patriotic season we are in.
  7. Pro Leather Oxford Lace-Up Converse--  the perfect pair of sneakers to walk the city streets in from morning to night.
  8. The standby black leather wallet! Slips right into the pocket and holds everything  a guy needs when he hits SF— ID, cash, CC, room key!
  9. Matte Black Onyx Bracelet with Jet Skull— rugged & SCULLTACULAR!   
Now that's what I call SF Fashion!

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San Francisco Fashion: Timeless style

Posted by Angelique Rivas-Day on Wed, Jul 25, 2012 @ 02:21 PM

San Francisco Fashion, is a fusion of both timeless style and the latest trends.The opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s paints the perfect image of timeless style. Audrey Hepburn pulls up to Tiffany’s and steps out of the taxi, a croissant and coffee in hand, as the enchanting melody of Moon River softly plays in the background. The camera slowly pans out to reveal Audrey in the timeless little black dress which is now viewed as the milestone of fashion of the twentieth century. As the icing on the cake, Ms. Hepburn is wearing the iconic black Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses and is ornamented with pearls and a simple tiara.

I would just like to know if there is a little girl out there who has not, at one point or another, acted out this scene in their mother's pearls and high heels? Timeless fashion is a thread that weaves through the closets of women around the world, styles that were first drawn out by legends such as Coco Chanel and Christian DiorTimeless San Francisco fashion

The key to timeless style is simplicity and confidence of the fabulous women who live their lives in it. Though one could argue that because of its longevity timeless style deserves far more esteem then the trends that come and go, it is these trends that define an era and make the world remember their generation's vision. For who does not want to be the trendy woman, walking down Powell street, with the over sized blazer, studded pumps and the chunky jewelry that all together screams “I’m fearless”?Trendy Fashion in San Francisco

San Francisco fashion is a daring celebration of the two, it is a city bustling with women and men that walk the streets as fiercly as if it were a cat walk. In today's world, we can be both fearless and classic, that same chic girl walking down Powell Street could be walking through the doors of the classic Kensington Park Hotel. Proving that we do not have to choose! Give me a leather jacket but let me add my vintage pearls.

That is San Francisco Fashion!

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