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In this world of business, cards seem to be a stamp of approval, something that personally identifies you.  Come on, you know you have an over abundance of random business cards hiding in your desk drawer, your fancy business card holder or scattered all over your desk. Don’t you wish you had a cool device that could store all these cards in that you might one day need?

Strolling through the corporate halls of Personality Hotels, we couldn’t help notice that a few people are bringing cool back with ROLODEX’s!!! Yup, that bulky thing that sits on your desk and rotates.

You have to ask yourself what ever happened to the Rolodex in the first place? There hasn’t been some amazing new replacement? Everyone still has business cards, so what happened? What went wrong?

It doesn’t matter because either way, Personality Hotels is bringing the iconic office staple back to being cool.

Ok so maybe only two people are bringing old school back but that doesn’t matter because give us a couple week and guaranteed more people will have these fabulous contraptions sitting on their desks…once again. 

I dare you to come up with a better idea, because it simply doesn’t exist. 

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