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Sitting for lunch by the window at Colibri Mexican Bistro, you can see people walking with shopping bags, running back to their office after lunch, racing to make sure they do not miss the MUNI or BART train. All in all, the Union Square area of San Francisco is never dormant, there is always movement and it is rare to see people standing around, for there is always something to do or see in our beautiful neighborhood.

 However this was not the case yesterday at Hallidie Plaza, located near the entrance to Powell St. Station, below the Cable Car Turnaround. For about five minutes, people running to take BART decided to wait, and were ok with missing their train, people held off on their lunch dates to see what was going on in this Plaza.

A Flashmob of about 40 dancers moving to “Don’t Stop Me Now,” stopped all foot traffic. With participants of the BID, and  Alonzo King LINES Ballet dance center, Hallidie Plaza was filled with spectators recording, twitting, facebooking what they were seeing. It was a great way to start the lunchtime!

If you find yourself wanting to do something fun this Saturday, the Alonzo King LINES dance studio will have a $5 special, in which you may try “bite sized samples,” of the different types of dance classes they have- which are about 80 different classes a week!


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